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English is not our native language and we won’t translate the entire blog cause we don’t have enough time and we’re too lazy;-) but for those who want to know more about our project, here is a short summary :

We’re a french family who love to travel. This year, we’ve decided to explore the world with our two daughters (2 and 7 years old) on bikes. We left home on the 3rd of July 2010 and we won’t be back until september 2011. During this year, we’ll travel in France, Spain, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Australia, New Caledonia, Indonesia and East Europe. We use a bike with a trailer and a tandem.

We love to meet people and chat about every subject. If you want to contact us, please, feel free to use the contact page. We’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Thanks for your interest.

France : We’re in a very well known country, aren’t we ? Well, in fact, everyday we discover small roads, beautiful villages and people we meet are curious and ask many questions about our trip. It took us a month to go from Lyon to Spain. It’s easy to avoid cars in France since there’s a lot of secondary roads. But you have to ride more kilometers.

Spain : We cross the mountain pass of Pyrennes and Spain is in front of us. Lots of trucks during the first kilometers so we decide to go throught mountains. Going up thoses hills was hard but beautiful. We go back into the vally in Figueres. The night falling, we look for a place to stay and find Claire whith whom we talk at night. She give us many advice about the places to see. In Tordera we stay at Pau’s home. His very nice family host us for the night. It’s wonderful to meet people supporting us and telling us about their region. Finally we go along the coast where wonderful landscapes and hot sun are waiting for us. We meet Benito in Tordera and decide to stay for a day with him and his mother who cook many specialties for us. We had a great time with you Benito ! The last part of our spanish trip will be along the coast to Barcelona. Here Jan take care of everything for us and let us the key to his flat. We can stay 10 days discovering the town and waiting for our plane to South America.

Ecuador : At the moment we are in Quito. It’s a completly different world here. The nice people we meet make our stay a dream. Marco who is so kind with us, make us discover many things around Quito. Luis who is a bicycle fan is arranging our departure from Quito. Marco’s family who propose us to stay at their home in Riobamaba seems to be wonderful people to know. In a few days we’ll be leaving Quito and go down the Andes to Cuenca where we’ll visit a primary school. It would be a wonderful experience for us and the kids.

OK, five weeks later, how was Ecuador ? Tough roads, beautiful landscape and incredible gentle people. Except for 2 nights, we always slept in family’s houses. Always invited to join them for a night or more. Is it possible that these people could be so helpful ? Yes, and it happens only in Ecuador. We feel at home everywhere («my house is your house») and that makes our discovery a pleasure. We stayed on the panamerican road only for one week. Because of the heavy trafic, we decided to go down to Amazonia. This was a good idea because the road is now totally paved. And when we decided to go back up to the Andes, it was to discover two great cities : Cuenca and Loja.

Peru : We still have mixed feelings about Peru. From the poor villages of the north to the very touristic area of the south, from the great hospitality of people to the annoying «gringo» thing, from the beauty of «Machu Pichu» to the awful suburbs of cities, I can’t tell that I dislike Peru because we stayed for two months and we enjoyed it, but it was hard to travel.   In the north we really like landscapes. Beautilful canyon, incredible mountain pass and very typical way of life. From the south, we’ll remember all theses beautiful places that pre-inca and inca civilizations left. Ruins that tell you something. Even the over-turistic Machu Pichu was a nice experience. And the drive along the lake Tititica during 2 weeks was also something that we won’t forget.

Bolivia : At the moment we entered in Copacabana, we knew that Bolivia is a different country than Peru. Very laid-back people, cheaper, and flater ! The Altiplano area is so different from the Andes. Easily we arrived in La Paz. Here we stayed for 2 weeks, and we met a wonderful family who helped us with bicycle repairing. We survived the «death road» from 4700m to 2000m. And we were back to the main road to go south. For christmas, we stayed in Oruro, a non-touristic city with a wonderful atmosphere. And for new-years day, we were along the «salar» of Uyuni. The greatest salt lake of the world. We crossed it in 2 days, sleeping on the Cactus Island. To the east, we stayed in Potosi and Sucre, two historic cities. What a pleasure to discover such beautiful architecture in South America. We enjoyed international food and good rest.

Argentina : At the moment, we’re in Argentina. For us it’s the european country of South America. Richer than Bolivia, with a way of life close to ours. But it’s still the same continent. Friendly people, incredible landscape and legendary roads that go from North to South. And at the end, «el fin del mundo, la tierra del fuego».

Please, for more information, try the «Google Translator» in the right menu of the main page. I know, it’s bad…

You can also contact us. We’ll be glad to help.


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